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Hi, folks … Daniel here, inviting you to take an active part in this site's development:

Slatyfork.US isn't Slatyfork, WV 26291 …

You are.

As an indivual, that calls Slatyfork home.

As a community, that cares about Slatyfork.

Slatyfork.US is for you, rather than merely about you, because it is you that will control it's groups and members, content and comments; you, collectively, choose it's path.

d@niel a.k.a. cowcreekgeek joined Slatyfork.US

Although there's no bells 'n whistles on these pages, everything behind 'em is ready for new members to join today. After reading last night that we could lose Green Bank Observatory? We need to work together.

This Web site is about as secure as HTTP can be, and is designed to be accessible by all devices and browsers, but I need your input: If you experience ANY difficulty, especially if you use JAWS or any other assistive technologies, please be sure to let us know!

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