Terms of Service

It's a shame that we've gotta waste it on this page, even as time may be running out for Green Bank … YOU MUST AGREE to our terms of service and the acceptable use policy of this Web site in order to join, post or visit.

You will do no intentional harm. « period. This ain't facebook, or youtube, so don't expect to not be quickly banned or deleted.

Respect, or at least tolerate, one another. Show some love. Kindness is troll poison.

Even if you're right? Avoid arguments (e.g. if your hands begin to tremble, you really should take a break before responding).

Don't display or discuss anything your mother or children shouldn't see here; this is to be a family-oriented child-friendly home.

Don't expect anyone here to assume responsibility for what others do; we make a 'good-faith effort' to serve and protect.

With that last point in mind? You must be an adult or, at minimum, a very responsible teenager, in order to join this Web site.

We will not sell, or intentionally share, your personal information; we despise spam/UCE.

This concludes our Terms of Service (TOS) and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for today, but both will be changed in the near future.